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One Guide Small Group Tours Blue Mountains
One Guide Small Group Tours Blue Mountains
One Guide Small Group Tours Blue Mountains

Katja (March 2020)

We had an amazing day in the Blue Mountains with Peter! He is very knowledgeable and told us many cool things about the forest on our hikes. It‘s nice to go on a trip with someone who loves the Blue Mountains so much and see the national park through through a locals eyes. Would definitey recommend!!!

Janneke (February 2020)

Peter paste de tocht door de Blue Mountains aan aan de weersomstandigheden. We kwamen op geweldige plekken, hoewel sommige paden door de weersomstandigheden waren afgesloten. Het was fijn om te zien dat het landschap ondanks de bosbranden nog prachtig is en zich verder zal herstellen. Peter heeft veel verstand van zaken en is een geweldige gids en chauffeur. Het café, waar we lekkere koffie dronken, heeft ook heerlijke muffins. Het is een plek waar de locals graag komen. De kunstgalerie is er één van grote klasse. Echt genieten.

Melanie (February 2020)

Peter's experience was awesome! Starting with amazing coffee, followed by a wonderful morning hike, then on to beautiful Blue Mountain vistas! We stopped in local communities, had an amazing lunch, and finally a gallery stop. It was a delightful day filled with captivating conversation. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the Blue Mountains and all the plants and animals. A wonderful way to see the park and community in a day! We loved this excursion with Peter.

April (February, 2020)

Despite the bleak forecast of rain and flooding throughout the entire duration of my stay in Australia, Peter was still able to show us some amazing views and was very knowledgeable about the environment, the animals, and the locals. Great for solo travelers! Unfortunately, there were lots of blocked pathways due to the rain, the fog, landslides, flooding, etc. so I was worried we wouldn't see much, but he had several backup plans and I am looking forward to coming back to Australia hopefully soon in the future!

Vanessa (January, 2019) Sydney's secret craft breweries and gin bar tour

A friendly and informal tour exploring breweries that we would have never have found before! Peter adapted the tour to cater to our likes having not just beer but cider and an option for gin as well. A thoroughly enjoyable experience for me andmy sister, would recommend to any beer lover! Thanks again.

Andrew (January 2019)  Sydney's secret craft breweries and gin bar tour

"It was fantastic fun. A birthday gift from my wife, so I took two mates. Real surprises and an insight into a totally hidden culture (except if in the know!). Peter adjusted the tour to visit a Gin Bar which we hadn't planned until talking about drinks we like and appreciated the flexibility of his choices for us (understood what we liked). The Beers & Gin were sensational as were the hidden venues we visited. Peter made it easy and was a great companion and sober driver! Highly recommend. CHEERS!"

Michelle (December, 2018) Sydney's secret craft breweries and gin bar tour

Had a great time with Peter and the others in our group on our first day in Sydney. We got to try many craft beers and learned a bit about Australia along the way. Would recommend to anyone else visiting Sydney!

Deep Canada, (April 2017)

"This man is unbelievable. Like truly, he was one of a kind optimistic person. Did a Blue Mountains tour with him the kind of energy and passion he did the whole tour with was very admirable. He's done this time and time again but you can see he truly wants to do this and it reflects in the way he talks about the Blue Mountains, whether it be explaining history or sharing personal stories. It is beyond worth the money you pay for his tour, believe me, take my word for it. He went above and beyond my expectations for this tour and I thank him for that. Thank you for an amazing time Peter."

Jolly, The Netherlands, (March 2017)

"Peter took me on a day trip to the Blue Mountains and it was just great! We went hiking, to some of the lesser known lookouts, looked around for art and coffees, and it was all very nice and relaxed. He is very accommodating to suit everyone's needs. He knows a lot about the area and is just a great person to talk to and hang out with. He has traveled a lot and just likes to share this with other people. Thank you so much for the great day!"

Magnus, Denmark (April 2017)

"My girlfriend and I stumbled over Peter's trip to the Blue Mountains event by chance and figured we could save some planning by going with him instead of going by ourselves. It turns out you don't just save money and time since Peter makes it his personal goal to give you the best experience possible and show you all of the coolest places in the Blue Mountains. Peter is a positive, talkative, and creative guy, and I would definitely recommend going on a trip with him (even if you weren't planning on going anywhere)."

 Gabriela, Brazil, (March 2017)

"I was not really motivated to go to the Blue Mountains by myself and getting the chance to join Peter was pure luck! 
Extremely generous, talented and kind, Peter was born and lived in the area so the Blue Mountains NP was like his backyard. Besides discovering the park and some less visited peaceful spots I really enjoyed getting to know a bit of Katooooooomba and Blackheath, their art and coffee scene."

Hidde, The Netherlands, (Dec. 2016)

"Peter took me along on one of his Blue Mountains day tours. We went hiking in the morning in the greatest spots of the Blue Mountains as he knows the area really well. He's a really friendly and knowledgeable guy. Also, he has a lot of great stories to share about his travels. We talked and exchanged stories all day and grabbed some lunch and coffee together. Really relaxed guy and very thoughtful, we spent a great day together. I definitely recommend hanging out with Peter or joining one of his tours. Thanks for the splendid day, Peter."

Lisa, Germany, (Nov. 2016)

"Peter showed us the beauty of the Blue Mountains. It made exploring this area a lot easier and relaxed. We had a lot of good talks and he shared a lot of stories from his travels and life in Australia with us. Thanks a lot for this wonderful day. Wish you all the best for the future."

Sabine, Austria, (Nov. 2016)

"I went with Peter on a trip to the Blue Mountains. It was fantastic. He took us on a great hike with increadible views. He know lots about the area and it's history. Even when the weather changed he came up with great ideas how we still can have a awesome day. Peter is very charismatic, friendly and openminded, so it's very easy to talk to him. He was very helpful and also gave us lots of information for our further trip. What a great guy."

Dasha, Sydney (Oct. 2016)

"Peter took 3 others and myself to a trip to the Blue Mountains, and we did a beautiful 3-hour hike, visited cafes, a unique gallery, and the iconic Three Sisters. He grew up in that area so he knew a lot about the places. He picked us up and drove us the whole time and made sure we were happy and comfortable. He accommodated to everyones wants, and showed us unique places I never would've known to go to if I were to go myself! He is intelligent, passionate, open-minded, funny and talented, and we shared many stories with everyone and learned more about each others cultures. I highly recommend you to welcome him or join his trips/excursions!"